St. Anne, 14 May 1947 – 5 October 2017

A critic once remarked that she was like a medieval saint...


A Fistful of Mariachi's with a 0.65 Introduction @ The "Los Bar" (August 14, 2015, Los Angeles)

A 0.65 Introdcution

I will try to make this short and sweet hopefully...

First, I want to happily steal a line or two from the late great Roberto Bolaño, the Chilean writer who lived in Mexico in his youth

-This is from one of his poems... 

    " Like a Mexican charro with a fine black mustache
       And a cloth suit with silver stiching, I imposed..."

So with this line of thought and in it's spirit 
I will impose upon you here tonight a set of Mariachi songs --for you...

There are some things I have learned along the way in my 0.65 "Mexicaness"...
And these songs are some of that... I want to share these, this knowledge, with you tonight-

And tonight I implore you - To go beyond trivialities-
To go beyond trivial songs in a touristy restaurant
To go beyond the trivialness of makeshift art projects in a garage
To go beyond a trivial art scene... and so on..

And that we get to the core of it --
The core of this project
The core of these songs
The core of being....

To get down to it ...as it were -
To the stomach of it 
To the bone of it...

So as we drink our tequilas tonight
Our cervezas, our beers
and later when we eat our tacos and burritos...
Think about where you stand...
below the cement and pavement
This dirt, this earth
This dust -- We cal California, Califas...

What was once New Spain which is now Old Mexico
Or for some an Occupied Mexico...

So when we listen to these songs-
Let it sink in...
Let it cut to the bone
or cut to the heart of being..
of a life to be lived...

Because tonight -at least 
We are all Mexican -
whether you know it or not
where ever you're from

You may only understand few words
or none at all -- doesn't matter
It's all about attitude and feeling
Tomorrow think...
If you can...

So in the spirit of Adolf Loos
In the spirit of Rudolf Schindler
In the spirit of the Charro...
in the spirit of collaboration
In the spirit of cross cultural crossfire

Let's have a drink 
and let it sink in
Let it cut to the bone
and cut your heart...